B2FOOD is a trading company of Brazilian products wellknow by its quality, differential and taste. 

This brand born by Phyto Planet, one of the leaders in exportation and distribution of food and health ingredients as spray dried fruits and vegetables, herbs, teas, coffees, nuts and spices from Brazil. With the need to provide Brazilian products to the retail world, we created B2FOOD. With ten years of experience, our crew provides the best of Brazilian food with quality, expertise and know-how.

Our products are selected among the most excellent Brazilian brands, bringing to the world the best that Brazil can offer in the market with great rates and great quality. To be part of our porfolio, all brands undergo a rigorous evaluation process to ensure the best for you, the importer.

Brazil is responsible for 25% of the world’s food production. Such products include: sugar, soybeans, coffee, and juices. The world’s largest country in terms of land size and South America’s largest nation in terms of land and population size, Brazil is currently a key player in the international arena and a great power among emerging countries. Blessed with the world’s largest reserves of farmable and cultivated land, Brazil has carved out its regional and international rank thanks, to strong exporting agricultural activities, radical economic reforms and an aggressive trade and influence policy.